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Oh dear, an idea 

I've always liked coming up with new things, keeps the creative process interesting... but over the years I've come to value an important part of the process - the idea filter. 

Many years ago I recorded my very first EP. Despite the great efforts I went to bury every copy under tonnes of landfill at the Dubbo tip, some copies still exist. You should not seek these out. I mean really don't (it's not reverse psychology I swear on my Pearl Jam t-shirt). 

It was from an interesting time in my life where I felt I couldn't really bounce ideas off people, I was expecting that if I was going to write songs I had to be good enough to do it alone (this same period also produced such ill-fated ideas as my comedy thrash metal project Dustcougher and a couple of hip hop tracks under the moniker Rizpekt so you can see what kind of trouble I was in) 

The positive in all of these endeavours was that I learned to value honest feedback and while from time to time I still rush through projects and wish later for a time machine, I'm really appreciative of the time people have taken to listen to my music and tell me, honestly, what they thought. 

Without the reliable filters I now have I could be neck deep in an experimental hip hop/country project and not realise people had stopped talking to me years ago... 

Having said that, there are 5 things I’m working on to live up to my year’s motto of CREATE and I’ll be sharing real soon so keep an eye on the website 

Thanks for listening! 

PS I'm very interested to know what sort of stuff you like to get from the artists you follow - free stuff, personal stories, some kind of VIP access (send me an email and let me know)

Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible.”

— Frank Zappa