Year of Different

2017 was a tough year. Personally. Creatively. 

I wanted to leave that behind so 2018 was supposed to be "different" - indeed, adopting the philosophy of someone close to me in choosing a word to define a year, "different"…


Things to be excited about

Things I'm excited about lately 
*Game of Thrones return 
*The new album from the 1975 
*Seeing Gang of Youths live a few weeks back 
*A summer holiday 
*Finishing my record and getting it to your ears 

I'm thankful…


Am I a sell-out?

I recently got a mention in the Q&A of this CD Baby podcast - I was asking a question about a previous episode that talked about cover songs. 

I've been called stupid, stubborn and short-sighted for not previously incorporating covers into…


Great Australian Music

I’m about to watch the ARIAs (with interest) for the first time in maybe 5 years. I’ve been reading lately all sorts of things about us being in the midst of another wave of great Australian music. 

Sounds good…


Do You Even Like Music?

Well do you? Do you love it? Do you tolerate its place in society quietly fuming while the person in charge of the car entertainment system lets your Audible subscription go to waste? 

I’ve been contemplating this a lot…

No Need To Erase

One of the best things about being part of a local music scene is when you get to see a project grow and watch it realise what it could become. 

Last Saturday night I was very happy to be…

Building An Empire is out!

Building an Empire

A covert mission unfolds, Apparently You’ve been assembling an army, Building an empire, With your King and Queen, He’s gonna topple a population, If you don’t keep an eye on him, Again around the sun we…

What Am I Good 4?

A few words about 4 on the 4loor and War4Water Concert coming up this weekend... a few apologies though, I didn't fact check - 4 on the 4loor - Orange has been going TWO decades which blows my mind. The…

Choose Your Own Adventure

On and off over the past 2 or so years I've been working on a couple of different projects (there's that theme again!) and I thought it'd interesting to get some thoughts, now these are only early stage snippets but…


I’ve been reading a lot about just getting things done. Perfect doesn’t matter if you never finish it, in fact aiming for that probably means we never start. 

Last year I had this idea of making “Pieces of Different