What Am I Good 4?

A few words about 4 on the 4loor and War4Water Concert coming up this weekend... a few apologies though, I didn't fact check - 4 on the 4loor - Orange has been going TWO decades which blows my mind. The…

Choose Your Own Adventure

On and off over the past 2 or so years I've been working on a couple of different projects (there's that theme again!) and I thought it'd interesting to get some thoughts, now these are only early stage snippets but…


I’ve been reading a lot about just getting things done. Perfect doesn’t matter if you never finish it, in fact aiming for that probably means we never start. 

Last year I had this idea of making “Pieces of Different


The Learning Curve (Part 1) 

For 2018 I committed to approaching things differently, in fact, my recent approach has been to choose a word to drive my year - last year it was create, and I did - this year it’s “different” because I’m trying…


Most listened 2017: #25 - #19

Check out the playlist on the main blog page as I keep updating this post to reflect the countdown :)

Top 25 of 2017 (based on most listens - updated daily from Nov 30 - Dec 24)



Best* of 2017 (an introduction...)

Over the next few weeks I'm going to be counting down my favourite records released in 2017 - although the definition is a bit sketchy... I said "best" in the title 'cause it's more catchy but it's more like "most…


Slow Down Clint

I read something the other day which basically destroyed the way I work. But, it turns out it's a good thing, something I needed to realise.

The record I'm working on at the moment, "Pieces of Different Puzzles"