Album of the Month - January and February 2021

I'm not going to pretend that there's any scientific algorithm at work here but I wanted to make sure that I had something arbitrary for these "...of the month posts" - so I'm using my data, send me a request if you're on there 'cause I'm interested in what you're listening to as well.

JANUARY 2020 - Reluctant Hero - Killer Be Killed

I do love a good supergroup, and these guys are a GREAT supergroup. Their album of a few years back was a favourite but this record steps it up big time, especially with the epic closer and title track, "Reluctant Hero".

As a big fan of Mastodon, it's really the presence of Troy Sanders that drew me in but contributions from the others (including Max Cavalera!) just make this the perfect package.


FEBRUARY 2020 - (tie) Glastonbury 2000 Live - David Bowie and Escape Planet - Kids of Yesterday 

A tie you say? As I mentioned in the intro, this is statistically based to stop me picking albums that I think make me look cool [or, of course, ones I'd forgotten about]. I had been listening to a great podcast about Bowie [name escapes me, sorry] and felt like I needed to dig a bit deeper - and I still think that "live" is a great way to do that. All in all, a good listen.

And Kids of Yesterday... honestly I can't tell you much about them but I heard their anti-gambling / anti-animal cruelty track "Horsin' Around" and I was very intrigued. I mean, have a go at these lyrics:

I went to the racecourse 
And I saw a fucking horse get killed! 
The Jockey took a tumble 
Heard the grumble of the stumbling patrons 
I could express atrocities of images I saw that day 
But the cash I lost my hard earned clay 
Might as well have paid for the poison

I have to say it aligns with some thoughts I've been having lately!

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