Chapter One

I used to like making compilation CDs for people - it was a nice gift I think, a bit of time taken to give a piece of yourself to someone else. 

...and I made a lot of them, unfortunately my labelling wasn’t so organised and as a result I have what could be about a thousand blank or hit packed CDs in my garage. Doesn’t really matter I guess, I don’t have anywhere to play them so… 

And playlists! I have heaps of those but honestly compiling them doesn’t bring me the same joy - and why would it? It takes no time at all, you don’t really have to think about them and half of the ones I have are auto compiled anyway. Whatever. It’s the future I guess. 


Mix tapes! 

That’s where the memories lie - I still remember the first one I got. I remember the ones I used to make to convince my parents that the music I listened to was “good”. The ones I made for road trips, the ones I made for other people. 

It was effort. In real time. Or half of real time if you had the good ol’ High Speed Dubbing. 

If you’re going to spend 90 minutes (not including song changes!) putting something together you have to mean it. 

Well I’m going to spend 12 months putting a mix tape together, so you know I definitely mean it! 

It’s the story of my music and the experiences I have making it. I hope you like it. 


My very own personal music charts 17/1/2020 

  1. Bon Iver 
  2. David Gray 
  3. Dermot Kennedy 
  4. Epicure 
  5. Matthew and the Atlas 
  6. Kyle Lionhart 
  7. Killswitch Engage 
  8. Tool 
  9. Sleep Token 
  10. Jack Savoretti 


The business stuff: 

Gigs: 0 

Songs released: 0 

Income: $0 - :( 

Expenses: $0 - :)

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