Chapter Three

Meticulous planning. A narrative arc… 

I won’t pretend I had these things, I didn’t. But I very much did not expect Chapter Three of the mix tape stories to be coming out like this. I also didn’t expect to not have any music out yet but I do have all the parts for my portable vocal booth so that’s something. 

My main motivation for writing this now, is to ask a simple question. 

“What can I do for you?” 

Everything is moving so fast at the moment I feel like it’ll take a while to catch up mentally, physically and spiritually. 

I’ve been thinking of a few things… music trivia nights, listening parties, virtual festivals. If you want in on any of these things let me know. I’m here. 

Personal Charts at 28/03/2020  

  1. Bon Iver 
  2. Matthew And The Atlas 
  3. Tool 
  4. Dermot Kennedy 
  5. Pearl Jam 
  6. Killswitch Engage 
  7. David Gray 
  8. Sleep Token 
  9. Kyle Lionhart 
  10. Sam Fender 

In the absence of live music I’ve been voraciously consuming concerts from YouTube. 

This one is cool

The goals: 

Gigs played: 0/15 (might have to readjust or count live streams this year!) 

Songs released: 0/20 (but it’s getting there!) 

The finances: 

Initially I was including this as a deep dive into the world of a songwriter, for better or worse, but I’ve made a decision to shelve this at the moment out of respect to everyone going through a tough time. I hope you’re all alright.

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