Best* of 2017 (an introduction...)

Over the next few weeks I'm going to be counting down my favourite records released in 2017 - although the definition is a bit sketchy... I said "best" in the title 'cause it's more catchy but it's more like "most listened to" which has to mean something right?

Anyway, follow along on the blog or at

But before we start, a few you won't find in the list, for various reasons:

  • Released or discovered too late to play a lot - Julien Baker — Turn Out the Lights and The National — Sleep Well Beast  fit into this category
  • Looked forward to but didn't cut it - Tim Rogers — An Actor RepairsSteven Wilson — To The Bone, Trivium — The Sin And The Sentence and Queens of the Stone Age — Villains all fit into this category

I'd be interested to hear yours as well

More soon!


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