Can I tell you a story?

Can I tell you a story? 

For two and a half years, maybe longer to a select few, I've been talking about puzzle pieces. You could be forgiven for thinking I was obsessed. 

It started as a vague desire to collect the songs I'd written for myself or various other projects that were sitting unused, and putting them together somehow. 

Getting the first four pieces done came easy, even if I wasn't as pleased with results (something for another post), then after the initial burst of momentum - nothing. And I can't even say why. 

At one point in time, when I had the time to be finishing my album, I was deep in drum loops and house/drum & bass beats. And I can't even say why! 

Creating something artistic is intrinsically rewarding, usually very much so - something this size is well... I expect it will take some time for me to appreciate it. 

Suddenly another burst came and I finished the second part, (the "Corner Pieces" EP) and not long after that "Edge Pieces" was wrapped up (it'll be out soon!). I've spent the last two weeks doing the last tweaks on "Final Pieces" - I even hired a horn section... some crazy ideas here... but what it means is I'll be done soon and I want to celebrate by taking you through this record which is, many ways, the story of my life. 

Should be a fun ride - I hope you're ready! 

Thanks for listening, 

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