Do You Even Like Music?

Well do you? Do you love it? Do you tolerate its place in society quietly fuming while the person in charge of the car entertainment system lets your Audible subscription go to waste? 

I’ve been contemplating this a lot as a recent life change brought about the ability (necessity?) to start running again (aiming for 10km but who knows?) and needing a soundtrack. 

According the my profile I’ve listened to more music this year than any other year in the past 12 except for 2006 (desk job, London winter, need I expand?) yet I feel like I’ve bought waaaay less of it. I probably have. I don’t go to as many concerts these days for mainly geographical and ageing reasons, so I don’t buy as much merch either. 

Some months it’s probably only the Spotify subscription - so could I even argue that I love music? 

I didn’t mean to talk for this long, honest, really I was only going to ask you what music you’re into at the moment? Anything new that excites you? 

I’d really like to know. I’d especially like to know about the last time music moved you. Maybe the same song moved me too… and that’s where we re/discover our love? 

Thanks for listening! 


P.S. If you’re looking for something different why not try this playlist featuring songs from the incredibly talented musicians who have, one one time or another, called my hometown home as well.

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