I can't do it all by myself

I can't do it all by myself - it's a powerful realisation for a someone trying to make a solo record, but taking a second more to consider, it becomes stark - this mammoth project I call "Pieces of Different Puzzles" has never been a solo project - my name is on the cover(s) sure, but I don't play every instrument, I only mixed one of the songs, I haven't mastered any of them. I didn't even write all of every song (the lovely verse lyrics of "Atmospherian" belong to Fred Randell of Civil Hands). 

Then there's the encouragement of family and friends - yeah sure, that's not ON the album. But it is. You know what I mean. 

I've worked with two very talented pianists, a drummer from the US who I've never met, I've had some good friends drop around and record guitar solos, got an ever reliable bandmate contributing bass to some songs... you see in all of this that, in my case at least, it's about as far from a "solo" album as the definition stretches. 

And then there is you. The kind and dedicated listener - these posts don't go out to hundreds of people - your interest puts you in a select group. 

Three years ago I started this crazy project and I had no idea how much time, energy, patience and goodwill it would devour (mine and other people's) but you are still listening, encouraging and supporting me. 

We are nearly there. Truly I am humbled. 

Thank you 


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