Most listened 2017: #11 - #2

#19 - #25(ish) can be found here

#12 - #18 can be found here

#2 Kingswood — After Hours, Close to Dawn 
Perhaps a surprising choice, this one didn't get near the love of their first record, possibly for the same reason that I like it so much - they took some chances, experimented with styles. Great front to back listen!

#3 Gang of Youths — Go Farther In Lightness 
What a band. What a record. Australian rock is in good shape at the moment. I even bought this on CD!

#4 Dan Sultan — Killer 
Blackbird was a favourite of mine when it came out, but this might be better? Big call? All I know is it's a great record.

#5 The Smith Street Band — More Scared Of You Than You Are Of Me 
I love the lyrics here, but the music is great too... energy, cynicism, honesty... I see many more spins in the future!

#6 Soen — Lykaia 
I think this turned up one day I was searching Spotify in vain to see if Tool were available yet. I've since listened to far more of these guys.

#7 Caligula's Horse — In Contact 
From the time I knew there was an album due this year I was counting days and this does not disappoint (except for the spoken word track, skip that one). Ambitious and awesome!

#8 Fractures — Still Here 
I heard the first single on the radio (yeah, I'm surprised that's still a thing too) - perfect chill out record.

#9 Damien Dempsey — Soulsun 
Listen to the title track. Enough said.

#10 Cold War Kids — La Divine 
I've been a casual fan for a while, IMO they've had the occasional standout track... but this record is solid!

#11 At the Drive-In — in•ter a•li•a 
A nice return from these guys, I took a while to warm to it but in the right mood this one fits in very nicely!


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