No Need To Erase

One of the best things about being part of a local music scene is when you get to see a project grow and watch it realise what it could become. 

Last Saturday night I was very happy to be taking my seat in a sold out Black Box Theatre for a gig that the new Songwriters and Original Musicians Association (SOMAD) put on for the launch of Eraser’s “Epilogue” EP 

(Listen to the EP here

I’ve been fortunate to be involved with these motivated and highly driven artists since the first gig took place in Nolan (Furnell, keyboardist, bassist and all round king of sounds for the band)’s backyard. Granted it’s not your typical debut endeavour for an ambient electronic music project but I don’t think typical appeals to Nolan and Bec! It’s been great to follow their development from that idea and to see them grow with a depth of desire to produce something of quality. I have seen first hand the strategies for promoting the songs, I’ve seen passion for creating music that is the foundation of their sound. 

And these are all parts of what makes the original music scene in Dubbo so exciting. Places are known across the world for their music scenes, Seattle is the one that comes to mind for me - but something about what we growing here in my good ol’ home town of Dubbo where there are a variety of fantastic song writers creating amazing songs gets my brain fired up thinking of the possibilities. 

(More about SOMAD here

I have no doubt that this effort to bring original music to the fore is a long way from done and may outlast my own music creation but you can’t help but be excited to see what the next 12 months (or 12 years) hold. 

Thanks for listening (to us all!) 

Check out some tunes from current and former Dubbo residents here - This Is Dubbo

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