The Pieces Are Falling Into Place

To do list:

  • Before we get to everything I want to say, I have to recommend the new Gang of Youths album - Go Farther In Lightness, seriously, go listen now, it's that good - Australian music is in a really good place right now.
  • Send me a hello and I'll send you my new track "Stare at the Clouds" and you can be among the first in the world to hear it! (at the time of writing perhaps 12 people have heard this, so not first, but still pretty good.

So the pieces are falling into place, or so it seems. I'm in the midst of setting up a little adventure for those who want to take part and the first piece has dropped. You may have heard the song "We Are All Just Animals" when I sent out private links to mailing list people - well it's live for everyone now - right here.

At this stage this release is only available on BandCamp, so I can add new tracks as they are finished and "discovered" - intrigued? I hope you are. I've been working really hard to find different ways of making you part of this experience of making music. Sadly, gone are the days (mostly) when we found time to buy new music, sit down with the headphones on and sing along with liner notes in hand. I read over and over and so closely that I have favourite producers! I guess I could google it now but it's just not the same.

If I close my eyes I can still remember the feeling of sitting on my bed, with the (then) new Stone Temple Pilots album "Purple" blaring out of the speakers. I'm reading the lyrics in the liner notes, honestly a little confused about what they meant... some fairly abstract stuff there Mr Weiland... but it's just a memory cemented, a great one too.

I want to get back to that, I want people to be excited, I want people to feel a part of all of this. There's a lot of new thought out there about how to do it in this fast paced tech based world but I'm gonna try and I think it'll be fun... and if you occasionally get some strange auto message that went out before I meant it too I apologise... but it'll all be worth it in the end!

Thanks for listening


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