Year of Different

2017 was a tough year. Personally. Creatively. 

I wanted to leave that behind so 2018 was supposed to be "different" - indeed, adopting the philosophy of someone close to me in choosing a word to define a year, "different" was the word I chose. 

If you aim high and dream big there will always be areas where things didn't happen as you'd expect, for good & bad... but I want to focus on the smiles. 

I wrote some songs I'm really proud of, some you'll hear, some you've heard & some that may remain elusive but in that mix there's a song based on cut up trip hop beats, one written for the Eurovision competition, a couple written for international singers, some composed entirely on software instruments (i.e. synths and plugins). 

There's the most heartfelt song I've written, there's the heaviest song I've ever written. There's life and there's lessons. 

There was even a solo show with backdrops! 

I wanted different and I feel like I got it. And I got a whole heap of support and encouragement for this thing I love doing. 

And for that I thank you. 

Hope your year has been great and that you'll get to spend some time soon with people closest to you. 

Thanks, with the most appreciation text can express, for listening 


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