Good Ghosts

Dust gets up my nose 
Moving all the boxes 
Postcards they have fallen 
Down behind the fridge 
I’m supposed to be moving 
But I find that I am losing 
Myself in days gone by 
I think I need go again 
Forgotten words ignore 
Proper syntax and structure 
But that rush to write our memories 
Is only making time for more… 
Time spent in the world with you 
Seeing the things those old books showed 
Exploring things we’d never know 
If we hadn’t met 
These Good Ghosts 
Make you wanna run away 
But in a good way 
The can haunt me any day 
That paper full of stories 
That picture in a frame 
That song i wrote the other night 
Are good ghosts that remain

Midnight in the Afternoon

Flew into Reyjavik, clouds paint the sky 
Finally in a place where the sun won't go down at night 
Followed a kick drum through the cobbled streets 
Found some music when I should have been asleep 
And now it's midnight in the afternoon 
I'm gonna see you gonna see you soon 
But first I got some things I wanna do 
Sunset long after sleep begins 
Curtains ineffectual sunlight pouring in like water 
Over Gullfoss 'fall 
One day I'll bring you here 
Beyond the hills there's more sky to see 
Whether it's night all day or day all night it's alright I know everything's gonna be alright


When all that's left are my bones 
Pick 'em up and feel the life I owned 
When all that's left are the pictures 
Know the places I've been made me smile 
When all that's left are the songs 
Sing 'em along for a while, sing along for a little while 
When all that's left are the memories 
Know that I'm happy I had you all here with me

The Lorne Song

There's a wave out there sitting miles from the shore 
It's only got one thing that it's coming into being for 
Biding its time to be useful to someone 
And the ocean air opens my mind 
Thoughts rush in like water into footprints 
Left on the beach by those who feel the same 
Do you feel the same? 
If the world was so bad 
We would never have met 
If the world was so bad 
We would never have me 
And there isn't any room for a pessimistic world view with a hole proof argument like that 
There's a lighthouse on the cape 
And it's warning all the boats to stay away 
And the shipwrecks on the rocks 
Could hardly outnumber all the words I mislaid 
On the long and winding road 
When you're driving for hours right next to the ocean 
And the sea breeze blows hypotheses around my head

The Wave Will Break

Petrichor emanates 
Preoccupation dissipates 
Clouds move away, sun invites 
Melliflous melody, I need to write 
Phosphenes they lead 
My perspective to change 
See the colours of the alpenglow 
What do you need? 
I'll make it so 
All I want 
All I want 
All I want 
Is to write you a song 
Epiphanies in the city hum 
They're different to where I'm from 
But walking in the Ramble 
Calms me down 
Can you taste the salty air 
Sitting pensive on your tongue 
Wait, wait, the wave will break 
And we can continue on 
Wait, wait, the wave will break 
And we can continue on...