If I could just write songs all day I'd be happy. There's always so much to learn about songwriting and performing and I'm fortunate to be part of a great band in an emerging music scene and have the luxury of performing solo and collaborating with other talented musicians.

I was born in Dubbo, NSW and first picked up a guitar after watching Slash rise from the ocean in a GNR film clip, really I just thought it looked cool. When I was 18 I left, vowing to never return, aiming to "take the boy out of the country" for good. Some great experiences followed, I formed a band in uni, I worked for Festival Music Publishing in Sydney and Warner Music in London, learning the best and worst of the industry.

As life would have it, I ended up back in Dubbo 13 years later and decided that rather than running again, I wanted to bring the best of my experiences home. I finished an EP I'd started writing in London and started playing the songs to my hometown crowd. They seem to like it, I absolutely loved it.

Now my cupboard door swings open to reveal a collection of acoustic and electric guitars, all in different tunings (sometimes inspiring, sometimes frustrating) and all of which have made at least one appearance on my recorded work. I record vocals in an old fridge box that's been soundproofed and I write any chance I get.

I've always got ideas, some are great, some are ill advised... some seem designed for my voice, others I don't have a hope in hell of being able to sing a melody over... it's all about discovery... being a good songwriter and a better human... that's all I want