Pieces of Different Puzzles - Thanks and Credits




  1. We Gotta Get Together

  2. Building an Empire

  3. Autumn Leaves

  4. Atmospherian

  5. Black Jeans / Time Machine

  6. Don't You Let Them Drink The Water

  7. We Are All Just Animals

  8. Ramble

  9. When You Walk In The Door (I’m Home)

  10. Easy Song II

  11. Stare at the Clouds

  12. Late Night Drive

  13. Beautiful Life

  14. Pieces of Different Puzzles

  15. Streets of Dubbo

  16. When Did I Get So Old?


Words, music, instruments and programming by Clinton Hoy except where noted

Where not credited, vocals and instruments were recorded @ home

Additional lyrics on 4 by Fred Randell

Drums on 1, 2, 10, 11, 13, 14, 15 by Chuck Sabo

Piano on 1, 10, 13, 14 by Paul Wierdak

Piano on 15 by Paul Kempf

Guitar on 10, 14 by Jason Swanson

Lead guitar on 6 by Scott Feringa

Lead guitar on 9 by Simon Allens

Pedal Steel on 10 by Austin Moorhead

Lead guitar on 13 by Ziv Shalev

Horns on 1 by Mike Snow

Strings on 14 by Jonas Petersen


Acoustic guitars and vocals on 1 recorded by Dallas Keenes at Mioan Studios, Dubbo

Acoustic guitars and vocals on 2, 3, 4, 7, 11 recorded by Craig Honeysett at Dotted 8, Orange


Tracks 1, 10, 13, 14 mixed by Ben Dawson

Tracks 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 11, 12 mixed by Jaroslav Celujko

Tracks 7, 16 “mixed” by Clinton Hoy

Track 15 mixed by Scott Feringa


All tracks mastered by Pete Maher, Top Floor Studios, London


An incredibly huge thanks (honestly the word is not enough) to Laura for her patience, support, encouragement, advice, selflessness and patience (yes, I know I wrote that twice but it took a lot of it) over the prolonged period of the realisation of this record.


Chuck Sabo, Paul Wierdak, Paul Kempf, Ziv Shalev, Jonas Petersen, Mike Snow, Austin Moorhead, Jason Swanson… for people I’ve never met they put everything into recording their parts and made my songs something else. It gives you faith in humankind.


Fred Randell for the lyrics and so much more - there’s a good chance I’d have nowhere in Dubbo to play these songs without your efforts.


Dal, Tim and Dave - my One Proud Monkey bandmates. I probably would have put the guitars down a long time ago if it weren’t for the great times we have playing and making music together. I’m a better songwriter and musician because of you all.


Thanks to my Mum and Dad for still coming to my shows, buying my t-shirts and supporting my music as you always have. Thanks to my brother and his family for inspiring a bunch of these songs (and many more don’t worry!)


The hardworking members of the Dubbo original music committee, Brandon, Nolan, Tim and Fred - your drive to make our town better pushes and emboldens me to hope (everyone should check out their respective bands Mannequin, Eraser and Civil Hands) and to everyone who shells out their cash to come to a show or buy a record but especially Rob Holmes for his unwavering support and enthusiasm, usually from the front row.


Steve Palfreyman for the guidance and belief (with a hefty dose of patience)


Simon, Scott and Ziv - thanks for the solos. People think it’s me and I’ve had some really good comments. I will correct their impression… one day…


To USA Steve, Tim, Dallas, Peat, Brandon, Melissa, Guy, Michael, Dave, Mel, Jannah, Anna, Amy, Dale (aka Muthafucka), Bill, Haley, Rachel, Jordan, Fred, Laura, Jodie, Peter, Kim, Steve, Ben, Stewart, Nolan, Sam, Simon, Robyn, Bass, Darren, Luke, Craig, Sheridan, Lee, Kristian, Rob, Ben, Erin, Jan, Abby, Pia, Ashlee, Patrick, Chris and Tash for being part of my pre album email launch campaign. That took dedication, and I truly appreciate you being interested.


Jon Carter & everyone involved with 4 on the 4loor, thank you for the opportunities and support; Members of SOMAD and the Lust 4 Live crew, thank you for the spaces to play; Mick @ the Old Bank Music Shop; Steven and Sharen @ Totally Music, thanks for having great guitars for me to buy.


Oh! And podcasts! Even though you’ll likely never read this - Kevin and Chris from the DIY musician, Rick from the Music Industry Blueprint, Circa and Corinne from Indepreneur, Ross from ...and the writer is, the Sodajerker team, the Switched on Pop fellas - more than just a driving soundtrack, you’ve all provided me with incredible amounts of knowledge about the music industry and how to navigate it.

Pieces of Different Puzzles (Online Expanded Edition)

Clinton Hoy

Sometimes it takes a while to put a puzzle together, follow the progress here as I record, mix and master my debut solo record. Sure, you could get the finished product on Spotify or iTunes but you'll get every piece here. As it happens! This Bandcamp exclusive contains demos and live tracks to accompany the publicly available music.
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