Someone asked me 

Someone asked me the other day, "How do you write a song?" which is a usual partner to "what comes first - the lyrics of the music?"

Truth is I don't know where any of it comes from, I can tell you the mechanics of it but so much of the rest is this kind of magic. How cool is that?

A week 

"This time last year feels like a day ago, but Monday to Friday feels like a lifetime" - the opening lyrics to a song that'll be out soon on my new EP. I don't know where the line came from but it seems true most of the time.

The seconds have been flying by lately between recording my EP and helping out some incredibly committed people running our own festival here (Under Western Skies) - but when you're doing stuff you love... well you know what they say about time.

Hope you have something in your life…

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I built it myself... 

Crazy idea. I got a box from an old refrigerator and stuck soundproofing inside. I started recording... then I got in and sang.

If you have a goal and you're serious about it. Let nothing stop you. No matter how dumb it sounds when you explain it!

Thanks for listening,


Off to a... start? 

Time to get back into it huh? Hope your 2019 is off to a good start. 

I’ve been forced to spend a bit more time reflecting (don’t worry, I’m not gonna tell you all about it... yet) - while I thought a chest infection might give my voice some kind of Tom Waits quality I neglected to realise that breathing was key to the words actually coming out… 

At least, the music for three new puzzle pieces is done. There’s even a few special guest appearances coming but, being that I’m committed to dialling up the…

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Year of Different 

2017 was a tough year. Personally. Creatively. 

I wanted to leave that behind so 2018 was supposed to be "different" - indeed, adopting the philosophy of someone close to me in choosing a word to define a year, "different" was the word I chose. 

If you aim high and dream big there will always be areas where things didn't happen as you'd expect, for good & bad... but I want to focus on the smiles. 

I wrote some songs I'm really proud of, some you'll hear, some you've heard & some that may remain elusive…

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Things to be excited about 

Things I'm excited about lately 
*Game of Thrones return 
*The new album from the 1975 
*Seeing Gang of Youths live a few weeks back 
*A summer holiday 
*Finishing my record and getting it to your ears 

I'm thankful that with all the things we have going on in the world I still get excited about simple things. 

Anything you can add to the list?

Am I a sell-out? 

I recently got a mention in the Q&A of this CD Baby podcast - I was asking a question about a previous episode that talked about cover songs. 

I've been called stupid, stubborn and short-sighted for not previously incorporating covers into my shows - maybe it's time for a change. 

Is it just smart business? Or am I a sell-out?

Great Australian Music 

I’m about to watch the ARIAs (with interest) for the first time in maybe 5 years. I’ve been reading lately all sorts of things about us being in the midst of another wave of great Australian music. 

Sounds good to me. Better than living in the past, right?

Do You Even Like Music? 

Well do you? Do you love it? Do you tolerate its place in society quietly fuming while the person in charge of the car entertainment system lets your Audible subscription go to waste? 

I’ve been contemplating this a lot as a recent life change brought about the ability (necessity?) to start running again (aiming for 10km but who knows?) and needing a soundtrack. 

According the my profile I’ve listened to more music this year than any other year in the past 12 except for 2006 (desk job, London…

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No Need To Erase 

One of the best things about being part of a local music scene is when you get to see a project grow and watch it realise what it could become. 

Last Saturday night I was very happy to be taking my seat in a sold out Black Box Theatre for a gig that the new Songwriters and Original Musicians Association (SOMAD) put on for the launch of Eraser’s “Epilogue” EP 

(Listen to the EP here

I’ve been fortunate to be involved with these motivated and highly driven artists since the first gig took place in Nolan…

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Top 30 of 2017

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