No Need To Erase 

One of the best things about being part of a local music scene is when you get to see a project grow and watch it realise what it could become. 

Last Saturday night I was very happy to be taking my seat in a sold out Black Box Theatre for a gig that the new Songwriters and Original Musicians Association (SOMAD) put on for the launch of Eraser’s “Epilogue” EP 

(Listen to the EP here

I’ve been fortunate to be involved with these motivated and highly driven artists since the first gig took place in Nolan…

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Building An Empire is out! 

Building an Empire

A covert mission unfolds, Apparently You’ve been assembling an army, Building an empire, With your King and Queen, He’s gonna topple a population, If you don’t keep an eye on him, Again around the sun we go and you’re, Years speeding by but days moving slow, Building an empire under my nose, King of the cheeky grin, Queen of the Sky blue eyes, You’ll get your subjects, In a willing line, And I’ll be first, To fall on my sword, To see you get, The best of the world, I’m trying to mind…

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What Am I Good 4? 

A few words about 4 on the 4loor and War4Water Concert coming up this weekend... a few apologies though, I didn't fact check - 4 on the 4loor - Orange has been going TWO decades which blows my mind. The day was windy so I used my handsfree but it sounds like it got caught up in my beard sorry... and Orange, I promise... it was only in the bad ol' days that I harboured a dislike, no longer - I promise! PS The captions are auto generated, I left it that way just in case it was hilarious(ly bad)... let's see

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Choose Your Own Adventure 

On and off over the past 2 or so years I've been working on a couple of different projects (there's that theme again!) and I thought it'd interesting to get some thoughts, now these are only early stage snippets but things I've had burning in the background. Some new styles & collaborations - maybe you like some, all, none... whatever... let me know & perhaps we can go on the adventure together :)

What am I trying to achieve? Who knows... one thing…

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I’ve been reading a lot about just getting things done. Perfect doesn’t matter if you never finish it, in fact aiming for that probably means we never start. 

Last year I had this idea of making “Pieces of Different Puzzles” a project where I continually added songs, an evolving album I guess – but I’ve recently realised that plays right into my tendency to have a bunch of ideas and work on them for years and never actually finish. So I’m going to change that – you can hear the demos now on my BandCamp…

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The Learning Curve (Part 1)  

For 2018 I committed to approaching things differently, in fact, my recent approach has been to choose a word to drive my year - last year it was create, and I did - this year it’s “different” because I’m trying to push myself to explore things that I’ve never considered or may have scared me in the past. 

Before you go searching, Part 2 is on the One Proud Monkey blog :) 

So I find myself in a hotel room in Gunnedah, there’s a pool outside my door which would probably be OK but its current occupants are…

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Most listened 2017: #11 - #2 

#19 - #25(ish) can be found here

#12 - #18 can be found here

#2 Kingswood — After Hours, Close to Dawn 
Perhaps a surprising choice, this one didn't get near the love of their first record, possibly for the same reason that I like it so much - they took some chances, experimented with styles. Great front to back listen!

#3 Gang of Youths — Go Farther In Lightness 
What a band. What a record. Australian rock is in good shape at the moment. I even bought this on CD!

#4 Dan Sultan — Killer 
Blackbird was a…

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Most listened 2017: #18 - #12 

Top 25 of 2017 (based on most listens - updated daily from Nov 30 - Dec 24) 

#25 - #19 can be found here

#12 Sean Rowe — New Lore - You know I have absolutely no idea how I came across this fella, I think "Gas Station Rose" was the clip of the week on some website or something... anyway, once I heard it I was hooked. It's the standout but the rest of the record is pretty solid too. The gravity in his voice must be heard, definitely track this down if you're up for a little baroque pop (yeah, I didn't know…

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Top 30 of 2017

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