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I'm retiring... this blog 

As a child of the 90s I often find it hard to force myself into new situations. Mainly I think because our music was so much better than any other decades (imagine being a child of the 00s… poor things) but sometimes there comes a time to er, move with the times. 

It’s been clear for a while that musicians’ personal blogs weren’t the most in demand thing in internet world but I like writing so I kept going. Some of you even read stuff and replied, which made me feel all sorts of great things, so thank you…

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5, 4, 3, 2, 1... 

The blog is going to be a bit quiet while the album launch experience runs... don't wanna overwhelm!

But if you're interested in taking part, click here to get my new album for FREE!


A droplet in the ocean 

I read yesterday that there are 40,000 songs being uploaded to Spotify every day! 

Which means you have no hope of hearing everything. So now we’ve destroyed that “paralysis of choice” that stops you choosing anything - you can, guilt free, just listen to whatever the hell you want knowing you’re always going to miss out on something - and that’s OK. 

Maybe you want to hear my new record. Maybe you want to join the experience

In any case, if you’ve chosen a song of mine from among the expanding…

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Your invitation to something special 

Short and sweet this week!

Sure, you're on my email list but I don't want to take anything for granted, so I'm asking people if they want to opt in to my album launch "experience" 

It's something different for sure - but I've put so much into this record I feel like it deserves something grand like this. 

If you want to take part, sign up here 

Aside from the entire album FOR FREE, you'll get a bunch of other stuff and be the among first in the world to hear the whole thing…

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When I opened by big fat mouth 

I saw a story in the Sydney Morning Herald a few days back about buskers having to audition for spots and it gave me chills… you know sometimes you get a feeling so strong that it only takes a sentence to bring it back years later. 

Well this is 15 years later. 

And the feeling is embarrassment. 

Once upon a time, when I was living in Sydney, I told someone a story about how I’d just discovered that the council were not allowing music buskers to perform at Darling Harbour. 

My outrage, fuelled by their…

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Can I tell you a story? 

Can I tell you a story? 

For two and a half years, maybe longer to a select few, I've been talking about puzzle pieces. You could be forgiven for thinking I was obsessed. 

It started as a vague desire to collect the songs I'd written for myself or various other projects that were sitting unused, and putting them together somehow. 

Getting the first four pieces done came easy, even if I wasn't as pleased with results (something for another post), then after the initial burst of momentum - nothing. And I…

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I can't do it all by myself 

I can't do it all by myself - it's a powerful realisation for a someone trying to make a solo record, but taking a second more to consider, it becomes stark - this mammoth project I call "Pieces of Different Puzzles" has never been a solo project - my name is on the cover(s) sure, but I don't play every instrument, I only mixed one of the songs, I haven't mastered any of them. I didn't even write all of every song (the lovely verse lyrics of "Atmospherian" belong to Fred Randell of Civil Hands). 


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The Saucepan 

I always get nervous when it comes to stating an opinion connected with my music. I've been told many times by many people that music and politics do not belong together (leaving aside that some of them are huge fans of Midnight Oil and John Butler Trio). 

As it happens a podcast ended up in my queue the other day talking about this exact subject... 

But I've begun to wonder, and certain life factors have underlined this lately, that if I'm not singing and writing about the things that I care about, am I…

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Someone asked me 

Someone asked me the other day, "How do you write a song?" which is a usual partner to "what comes first - the lyrics of the music?"

Truth is I don't know where any of it comes from, I can tell you the mechanics of it but so much of the rest is this kind of magic. How cool is that?

A week 

"This time last year feels like a day ago, but Monday to Friday feels like a lifetime" - the opening lyrics to a song that'll be out soon on my new EP. I don't know where the line came from but it seems true most of the time.

The seconds have been flying by lately between recording my EP and helping out some incredibly committed people running our own festival here (Under Western Skies) - but when you're doing stuff you love... well you know what they say about time.

Hope you have something in your life…

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