Album of the Month - November and December 2020

I meant to post these, I really did but... well, who really knew what they were doing in 2020...

Let me know if you've listened to these as well!

NOVEMBER 2020 - Cannot Be, Whatsoever - Novo Amor

If there was a more beautiful album released in 2020 I didn't hear it. These songs just drift on the air, playing out in a perfect dance that moves and relaxes you. It reminds me a lot of Bon Iver and I really only came across the artist after Shazaming(?) a song that was on an ad in Indonesia. Granted, not the usual way that I come across my music but still an incredible find.

DECEMBER 2020 - The Modern Medieval - Something for Kate

I had a friend at uni who was an absolute acolyte for this band. Truth be told I didn't get it. The music wasn't presented in a way that made sense to me and the singer's voice was... different. I mean, forgive me, it was 1998 (I think - maybe '99?) and having grown up with only terribly bland lunch rock radio stations this piece didn't fit my puzzle. Then Echolalia happened. I started trying to figure out these songs on guitar and I realised I didn't get it 'cause I didn't understand its genius. I joined the Paul Dempsey club that day and have never left. When one of your favourite bands takes this many years to make a new record you get worried, but I shouldn't have been - it's a work of brilliance.

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