What's the value of music?

I pulled my first guitar out of a rubbish pile in my shed the other day. I have not looked after it. At all. I nearly gave it away - in fact I'd agreed to and then reneged after talking to some friends and family who were adamant, "you can't do that to your FIRST guitar." 

From a money perspective it's pretty close to worthless, but even just holding it and feeling the memories come flooding back, its value was instantly well understood. 

A good friend recently released an album and we were stuck in conversation about value - how much is an album worth? How much should he charge? How much would people pay? I don't even know how related these things are any more. 

Stadiums full of people can watch sport but musicians can barely play to a crowd. People want free gigs but will pay $40 to see their team play terribly, rant about it for a few days and then do it all again next weekend - I've never heard anyone say, "that band was terrible... got your tickets for next week?" 

As a soundtrack to our lives I don't think we really know the role music plays, or at least don't truly appreciate it. When I can't play music or perform, I know it affects me - regardless of if I ever make another cent, it has value. 

If you have a muso mate, give their song a share. If you can, go see some live music. If you need a new shirt, buy one from an excellent local band. 

You will make a difference. 

Thanks for listening, 

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