Puzzles with Different Pieces - Part 1

My last album was released in 2019, so it’s nearly 4 years old, though some of the songs have been with me much longer than that - Ramble first appeared as a bonus track on the CD for the last One Proud Monkey record (go on check, it’s there!), Stare at the Clouds was actually performed once by the same band, as was We Gotta Get Together - in Coonabarabran of all places.

Bringing all of these songs together was a massive undertaking, of course I didn’t realise it at the time - so many things in my life fall into this category actually…

It’s really only now, on the eve of the release of my new record, that I can actually look back with any perspective on the experience of putting the Pieces together. So before we close the puzzle box, come with me for a chat about album #1, the (accidentally) very aptly named “Pieces of Different Puzzles”.

It'll be on your favourite podcast channels, well, as soon as they deliver it. I'd love to hear your insights on the record too!

Part 1 includes We Gotta Get Together, Building an Empire, Autumn Leaves and Atmospherians - and there might be a few surprises along the way too...

Get reacquainted here: https://open.spotify.com/album/7k0B0RosnUszAwJEeAfFuu?si=UB6zhkSMR_CnLFZFOZoizw

Thanks for listening!

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